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Rental Property Rent up Again in 2017

The average rental property rent in the United States showed increases in 2017 as it has for the last several years. However, there are signs that rental prices are beginning to stabilize; some cities even saw overall rental prices decrease. Below is a brief overview of price trends, the fastest rental rate increases by city, […]

Duties of Homeowners Associations and Property Management Companies

Many communities have both a homeowners association (HOA) and property management companies managing the aspects of the community that affect all owners. A homeowners association, typically made up of volunteer home owners, is formed first. The residents elect board members who are willing to assume the responsibility for the association. Once the board is formed, […]

What is the Difference between a Homeowners Association and a Property Manager?

Community bylaws and property management are essential for many residential properties; including single family homes, condominiums and apartment complexes. The consistent care provided through general management, conflict resolution and maintenance ensures that the value of individual units as well as the likability of the neighborhoods and complexes is not compromised. There are different groups or […]

10 Things Rental Property Managers Needs to Know about Renting to Millennials

Rental property managers know that Millennials now comprise an estimated 40 percent share of the rental housing market. A whopping 90 percent of Millennials rent. This group is saddled with student loan debt and faces soaring real estate costs but they may also simply be more comfortable paying rent than a mortgage after witnessing the […]

Top 5 Qualities of Successful Property Managers

Property managers occupy one of the most important positions at any rental management or property management company. They are the first contact for tenants for many different issues while also overseeing the upkeep and management of the property and other employees. It is by no means an easy job and requires a combination of experience, […]

How to Value My Rental Property

Calculating the value of a rental property can be a little confusing and complicated. For a property owner there are three different methods of calculating a rental property’s overall value. The three methods of calculation are Sales Comps and Price per Square Foot, Gross Rental Multiplier and Cap Rate. Each method uses different data sets […]

Tenant Portal Tips for Property Managers

Professional property managers doing business in a digital business world needs an easy-to-use, reliable tenant portal that provides quick access to renters looking for rental agreement information and more. Making sure tenants can quickly and efficiently access signed documents, financial information, inspection dates and more saves time and money and puts the information renters need […]