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Top Reasons Renters Prefer Renting with Property Management Companies

Deciding to invest in rental property is a big move but knowing that there are many property management companies available to help can be comforting. Keeping good tenants while taking care of your investment can be difficult, but hiring a good property management firm will take care of the majority of the challenges. If you’re thinking about becoming a landlord, deciding to hire a property management firm to help take care of your property and keep tenants satisfied is often the smartest decision.

Top reasons renters prefer renting with property management companies

More options and convenience

Property management companies have access to more rental properties than a single owner which gives tenants greater choice and the convenience of one-stop renting. Once a potential renter is approved by a property management company he or she may choose from a variety of rental properties; saving time, money and inconvenience.

They understand both sides of the renting equation

Professional property management companies understand the point of view of both the renter and landlord since attracting and retaining good renters by taking care of property and tenant needs are at the core of their mission.

They take care of the yard work and outside spaces

Making sure that the yard and exterior of the home are well maintained can be time-consuming. Most property management companies take care of lawn mowing, snow shoveling during the winter months and even planting and maintaining flowers and trees to enhance the landscape. Property managers also hire contractors to wash outside windows, maintain neighborhood parks, power-wash walkways and re-paint siding. All of these services take a burden off of the renter and keep the area looking pleasant.

Pay online quickly and efficiently

Many property management companies offer the benefits of a tenant portal to renters. Here they can quickly and reliably make an online payment, submit maintenance requests, review the terms of the rental agreement and more.

All renters are treated equally and fairly

Property management companies use standardized lease agreements and acceptance processes. These practices ensure that all renters pay the same rates, that rental increases are consistent among tenants and that tenants know what to expect. Should a company discriminate in its acceptance process, an attorney may be more likely to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff(s) against a property management company with many assets compared to a single property owner.

Quicker response to calls for maintenance

For tenants, getting a quick response to a call for maintenance reduces frustration and inconvenience. Property management companies have trusted relationships and contracts with professionals in the maintenance industry who are on call to take care of fixing appliances and other issues such as leaks around the property. Property management companies often have a 24/7 emergency line, unlike most property owners.

If you’re planning on investing in rental property or already own property with existing tenants you can benefit greatly from the professional services of a property management company. Deciding to do so may attract more and better tenants and keep them there for the long-run which saves you money.

Son-Rise Property Management has been serving the property management needs of Bellingham and Whatcom County since 1996. Contact us today to see how we can help you find a rental property for your family or manage your rental properties.

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10 Things Rental Property Managers Needs to Know about Renting to Millennials

Rental property managers know that Millennials now comprise an estimated 40 percent share of the rental housing market. A whopping 90 percent of Millennials rent. This group is saddled with student loan debt and faces soaring real estate costs but they may also simply be more comfortable paying rent than a mortgage after witnessing the aftermath of the subprime mortgage fiasco.

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Top 6 Rental Property Management Tips to Extend Lease Agreements

Your tenant’s rental agreement is coming to an end and you want to keep the good tenants you have known for years. Sending a lease renewal letter to your tenants before the current lease agreement runs out is a good way to let them know you want them to stay.

Top 6 rental property management tips for lease agreements

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Avoid these Common Rental Property Management Mistakes

Running the daily operations of rental property management from collecting rent to property rental property managementupkeep and handling neighbor disputes is a time consuming and sometimes challenging job. Rental property management companies can get into legal trouble or be fired from their position if they do not conduct themselves in a professional and capable manner. While there are all sorts of potential issues associated with property management,

these are the most common rental property management mistakes to avoid:

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Common Rental Property Management Application Questions

A rental application is used by a rental property management company to screen prospective Rental Property Managementtenants. Questions about income and employment status, credit and past rental history, along with general personal character may be asked on the rental application. Financial information is obtained and verified through authorized account verification services, commonly a local consumer credit agency. A rental property management company manager that does his or her due diligence before entering into a rental agreement with a tenant can save literally thousands of dollars in lost rents, damages and legal fees for the landlord.A standard credit check will be run along with verification of pay-stubs and past rental history. Character is typically verified through references and cross-checked by a criminal record check through the courts, also usually conducted by a local credit agency and funded by the application fee charged to the tenant at the outset of the application process.

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Rental Property Manager Job Description

When hiring a rental property manager, it is beneficial to understand the job description. He or rental property managershe could be responsible for everything from marketing and screening tenants to setting the rental price to handling all the maintenance required on the property.

Rental Property Manager Job Description

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Residential Property Management – Insider Secrets to get Your House Rented Quickly

Every home has “standout” features that should be emphasized and highlighted in marketing residential property managementefforts by residential property management.  Owners and property managers should survey the and home determine the standout features.

  • Is the living room particularly big and appealing?
  • Is the kitchen larger or more inviting as compared to other spaces of similar square footage?
  • Is it an open floor plan?
  • Are the appliances modern and fairly new?
  • Is there a large master ensuite and walk in closet?

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Property Management Laws-Washington State

In owning or renting a property in Washington state there are several different property property management lawsmanagement laws the property owner must keep in mind. These laws are thorough and cover a wide range of topics. This article provides a brief summary of some of the most relevant laws. This information can prove valuable as rules for property management companies to follow.

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The 5 Pillars of Successful Vacation Rental Property Management

For anyone looking to make money off of an investment property used for vacation rentals, vacation rental property managementthere are several key aspects to keep in mind. Rental property management can help maintain the property, clean it and keep it looking professional while the owners are gone, but beyond this, there are five pillars of successful rental property management, most of which are up to the owner and the property itself.

The 5 Pillars of Successful Vacation Rental Property Management

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Common Maintenance and Repairs in Rental Property Management

It is imperative for a rental property management company to manage property maintenance property-management-repairsand repairs in a strategic way. All repairs should be documented with a work order that details the date and time, repair item needed, and an action plan to implement and properly service the tenant and property.

Rental property management companies should keep a detailed list of all appliances and major equipment within a property including the following items:

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