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About Son-Rise Property Management

Professional, Ethical Service, with Integrity

Whether your portfolio includes multi-family homes, commercial buildings, or condominiums, entrusting someone to care for your property is a big decision and a responsibility that we take very seriously at Son-Rise Property Management. Son-Rise has two divisions; residential management and community association management both of which are covered by licensed real estate professionals with experience in their respective fields.  Your investment is a valuable asset and we are committed to maximizing your return with personalized attention to detail. What’s our secret? Quality.  Quality properties. Quality service.  Quality tenants. 

Since 1996, we have worked with property owners and investors with a promise to provide the best professional management services possible to meet their respective needs, goals, and objectives. By employing expert management practices and watchful oversight of maintenance and upkeep, our clients’ income-producing properties appreciate year after year and attract great tenants. In fact, with the largest portfolio under management in Whatcom County, we have less than a .02% vacancy rate at any given time! 

We provide superior customer service by hiring employees with expertise in client care and build a core team that specializes in client goals and objectives. We hold our employees to the highest standard of professional management and have very low turnover; we want you to build a long-term relationship with us.  You can depend on us to know the regulations; our team undergoes ongoing education and training to keep abreast of Federal Fair Housing Laws, EPA issues and regulatory local and state mandated laws.

As your Property Manager, our services include: 


  • Maintenance of complete and accurate banking procedures

  • Audited monthly and year-end accounting statements 

  • Accounting of all monies paid and received including bills, mortgages, property taxes, maintenance and repair

  • Collection and refund of deposits, rents and late fees when applicable

Tenant Procurement

  • Rigorous screening of prospective tenants including credit check and criminal background searches 


  • Advertising available units in both online and print media 

  • Posting a Son-Rise “For Rent” sign at property

  • Showing the property to prospective tenants

Maintenance and Inspections

  • Previewing all work requests 

  • Procuring licensed and bonded professionals to perform repairs and respond to emergencies 

  • Conducting periodic on-site inspection of properties 


  • Serving 3 Day/10 Day/30 Day Notices