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Top Benefits Home Inspection Software Brings to a Property Manager

Posted by sonrise on October 7, 2018
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A property manager has to carefully keep track of the condition of the homes and apartments they manage to ensure that when a tenant damages property repairs are paid out of the damage deposit and not out of the landlord’s pocket. Managing multiple apartments or apartment buildings can make the task of managing property conditions especially complex because of the need to track so many records. With home inspection software, a property manager gains a much more structured approach to managing property conditions and peace of mind that they aren’t going to misplace paperwork that proves it was the vacating tenants who caused the damage in question.

Top benefits home inspection software brings to a property manager

Better record keeping: with home inspection software, all forms and records are kept in a centralized digital database. This makes pulling, recording, and merging information far less complex and also prevents data loss. In addition to this, forms can be uploaded and attached to existing reports, and full reports can be printed if needed. Also, inspection software adds a visual element that allows property owners to add digital pictures and even video to property reports. Video footage is an especially valuable record for a property manager during inspections for documenting any damage to a property.

Reduces the need for physical forms: many industries have embraced digital record keeping for the majority of their records and paperwork. The rental property management industry is one of the few that still relies heavily on the use of paper forms. While hard records have their place, they are easily lost or damaged and lack the accessibility of digital records. Home inspection software digitizes records; making them easier for a property manager to organize and much harder to misplace.

Better inspections: when a property manager inspects a property, inspection software can take much of the busywork out of the process. For example, entire reports can be pulled or just the relevant sections of the report. With video, pictures, and the original report information, it’s far easier to note any damage or changes to the condition of the room or property. In addition, many property inspection platforms let the property manager approve a re-inspection with a simple tap.

More accurate repair estimates: when damage is noted during an inspection, the repair cost and scope can be difficult to estimate on the spot. However, home inspection software often has built-in tools that make it easy to compare several estimates for repair needs and gives an overview of the work orders that will be required to get the work done.

Customer satisfaction: home inspection software also offers advantages for tenants as well as for property managers. When using management software, tenants can be sent reminders for inspections, set appointments, and even sign important paperwork without having to go to the main office. Tenants may be more likely to accept responsibility for damage when they see side by side pictures or video comparisons of the area in question. Improved information, communication and flexibility makes for happier tenants.

The use of home inspection software offers several advantages. The increased record keeping alone is valuable, add to that easier inspections, document customization, better customer service and repair estimates and the value of home inspection software becomes evident. Any property manager looking for a more effective way to track inspections and tenant paperwork should consider using home inspection software.

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