Renting a Condo vs Apartment

renting-a-condo-vs-renting-an-apartmentOn the most basic level, renting a condo vs apartment is different because a condo is individually owned and an apartment is one of many units owned within a building. There are other differences of course and renters should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages before signing a lease. Read more

Marketing Your Rental Property bottom line is that if your rental property is empty you are losing money. Getting a new tenant in place as soon as possible is your top priority and the best way to do that is by marketing your rental property with a clear strategy and execution. As a landlord you should employ the most basic marketing mechanism in “delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.” In order to do that, however, you must first identify your target market: the type of person or people who are best suited to renting your property. Read more

Hiring a Handyman for your Rental Property addition to being a smart business move, hiring a handyman for your rental property can be vital to saving your sanity and keeping your tenants happy. The trick is to find and hire the right person to match your repair and maintenance needs. Please don’t kid yourself; you will have repairs and property maintenance to handle on an ongoing basis and you probably won’t want to be stuck handling it yourself. A reliable, capable handyman should be like your right hand man; a person to turn to for support. Read more