Owning a Student Rental Property

student-rental-propertyStudents from out of town need somewhere to live and if your property is in a University/College town you have an opportunity to fill a student rental property. No doubt you have heard horror stories about wild college house parties, noise complaints and property damage. The irony is that most students are reliable and trustworthy tenants and should be considered a viable source of income. There are, however, some key considerations to be made before renting your property to students. Read more

What is the Rental Application Process?

applicationWhen you’re ready to find a new home to rent you will need to wade through the rental application process. The first step is to find a list of available rental properties that may fit your needs. Once the list is ready you are ready to get started!

Rental Application Process

View Properties
It is best to view a few properties in person to get a good sense of whether it will meet your needs. Take the time to look inside the unit but also at the whole property. Read more