13 Cheap Ways to Decorate your Small Apartment

small-apartmentEven if you’re renting a small apartment, it should still be a warm and inviting space to call home. You may be limited on a complete remodel but there are many things you can do to decorate and organize your apartment that won’t break your bank account. Decorating your small apartment cheaply is a great way to feel good when you entertain and enjoy the space on a daily basis. Don’t forget to look for items second-hand at yard/garage sales, thrift stores, discount stores and on craigslist. Read more

Can I Grow Marijuana in my Apartment?

grow-marijuana-in-my-apartmentTen years ago it seemed impossible but in 2013, Washington State voters approved initiative I-502 and approved the use of recreational marijuana. This is in addition to the legalization of medical marijuana that came several years ago. I-502 decriminalizes recreational marijuana possession and use in Washington State for those aged 21 and older. It also authorizes the sale of marijuana in Washington State by retailers licensed through the Liquor Control Board. A person may now legally possess one ounce of marijuana; 16 ounces of marijuana in solid form or 72 ounces in liquid form. Although the rules are different for Medical marijuana, home grown weed for recreational use or sale will remain illegal. Read more