How to Form a Condo Association

form-condo-associationA number of considerations go into the formation and operation of a condo association, including several layers of laws and rules established by federal and state and local governments. In Washington, Chapter 64.34 RCW of the Condominium Act has five articles that regulate condominium associations:

General provisions,
Creating, operating, and terminating a condominium association,
Management of the association,
Protection of the purchasers,
and miscellaneous.

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Condo Association Board of Directors Responsibilities

board-of-directors-condo-associationThe board of directors in a condo association works in the same manner as a typical government setup. Just like in any board of directors, the board members should be elected by the condo owners and tasked with the responsibility of managing their condominium property and running the condo association as a whole. This can be done by the board either directly or by hiring skilled and specialized managers. Since this is the case, the members of the condo association have to rely on the board of directors to resolve any community issues that might arise. These issues can range from unruly residents to damages on buildings.
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