Is my Homeowners Association Non-Profit?

There are many questions regarding a homeowners association (HOA) when it comes to taxes. homeowners associationHow does it file taxes? Does it need to pay taxes at all? Can the association file as a non-profit organization? With some research into federal tax rules for a homeowners association, the answers become clear.

Does my homeowners association have non-profit status?

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Tips for solving pet problems in your homeowners association

When a pet owner is a tenant or owner in a property run by a homeowners association, there homeowners associationare often rules governing pets so that they don’t infringe on the rights of  other owners and tenants. A homeowners association is responsible to handle pet problems within the homeowners association as quickly and efficiently as possible. The goal should be for everyone to get along rather than forcing the pet owner to give up their pet, whenever possible.

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