rental property

How to Value My Rental Property

Calculating the value of a rental property can be a little confusing and complicated. For a property owner there are three different methods of calculating a rental property’s overall value. The three methods of calculation are Sales Comps and Price per Square Foot, Gross Rental Multiplier and Cap Rate. Each method uses different data sets for calculation and therefore produces different results. Below is a brief overview of these three property value calculation methods, how they work and which method is the best for calculating the value of a rental property.

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Property managers

Tenant Portal Tips for Property Managers

Professional property managers doing business in a digital business world needs an easy-to-use, reliable tenant portal that provides quick access to renters looking for rental agreement information and more. Making sure tenants can quickly and efficiently access signed documents, financial information, inspection dates and more saves time and money and puts the information renters need right at their fingertips. Below we offer tenant portal tips to help professional property managers understand and better use this property management tool.

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