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Avoid these Residential Property Management Legal Issues

Whether running a small, single apartment building or multiple complexes throughout several states; there are residential property management laws that must be followed. While laws do vary a little from state to state, there are many basic similarities. Property management companies may reduce their chances of legal trouble when they avoid these basic issues. Read more

Residential Property Management – What is a Chart of Accounts?

In today’s technology-driven era, there is software available that can make residential property chart of accountsmanagement so much simpler. However, the person in charge of using the software needs to understand the basic accounting concepts used in the software.

Chart of accounts for residential property management 

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Cost Savings of Residential Property Management

Residential property management offers several key cost savings to property owners. While the Residential Property Managementproperty owner gives up direct control of day to day management, in exchange, he or she can benefit from time savings, reduced repair, security and landscaping costs. Additionally, property owners will benefit from increased or maintained property values as the property is kept in good repair and appearance.

Cost savings of residential property management

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Residential Property Management – Finding the Best Tenants

Residential property management involves many aspects. Aside from the standard tasks of residential property managementproperty upkeep and financial matters such as collecting rent; property managers have tenants to consider as well. A bad tenant can cause several issues for residential property management, while a good tenant can be a great asset. A bad tenant may cause problems such as damages to property, not paying rent on the contracted due date, and/or upsetting other tenants. In fact, the worst tenants can lead to legal proceedings over evictions and property damage which costs both time and money. Part of proper residential property management is screening tenants before a contract is signed so that issues are minimized.

Top five tips residential property management can use to assure they find the right tenants for their clients’ properties:

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Multifamily Residential Property Management

Out of all the investment vehicles that can be held for a significant period of time, real estate is residential property managementone of the most promising – as long as fundamentally sound practices are implemented to minimize risk, maximize profits, and ensure that the tenants are pleased with the living arrangements.

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