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How to Find the Right Property Management Company

Posted by sonrise on May 14, 2014
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Property Management Company Functions and Services

A property management company is a realtor, individual, company or firm that manages public, private or commercial property. Their duties involves basic rent collecting to more complex services like arranging home staging and high end maintenance. Services provided by a property management company are:

Collecting rent payments
Paying property taxes, vendors, utilities and mortgage payments
Maintaining the interior and exterior (making repairs)
Locating tenants
Creating and executing leases
Following through with evictions
Providing financial summaries and statements
Maintaining accurate financial records of all transactions

Choosing a dependable and well rounded property management company can be challenging, but not at all impossible. Most property owners have specific needs in which they want their management company to address. However, before property owners decide to hire a management company, they should consider several aspects of doing business with a particular company.

There are several steps to approaching a solution. One of the most important aspects of doing business is to be persistent. Knowing what is expected, and pursuing the quest to ensure the task is completed properly saves time and money. When the right company is hired, there is little room for errors and misunderstandings.
The first rule of business is to ask questions

The surest way to find out if a particular company is best suited for a task is to ask questions. The average property management companies are more than qualified to handle a number of diverse properties, although they do not advertise their expertise. Therefore, it is not unusual for property owners to ask questions, and expect honest and fair answers. However, questions should be asked internally and externally.

Property owners should ask themselves simple, straightforward questions, and answer them honestly. Developing an “Expectation” list can speed up the search, and help find the right property management companies as quickly as possible.
What Type of Services do I Need for My Property

It is safe to assume that all property owners want their property to rent at the highest possible price. Getting fair market rent for property that is up to date and in great interior and exterior shape is only fair.

Therefore, owners want management companies that will take pride in keeping their property in good working order. In order to get this type of service property owners should hire property management companyies that is experienced in managing private, public and commercial property. The more experienced a company, the less likely problems will arise.
What Qualities Can I Expect From A Highly Respectable Property Management Company?
Property management companies with diverse experience can bring clarity to what property owners want, need and expect.  For instance, property owners who own various types of properties may not feel comfortable hiring a management company whose only experience is managing apartments, or houses.

The best property management companies to hire are most likely real estate companies. Why? The average real estate company is backed by years of property leasing, renting and managing experience. Little or no time is spent on expressing the importance of keeping up the property, or handling unruly tenants.
Where Can I Find the Best Property Management Company?
Although, the telephone directory provides basic information, like a company’s name, address and telephone number, it does not list the most important details. Pertinent information such as the company’s experience, years in business and areas of expertise are not usually listed in the advertisement section.

Looking at a company’s website, visiting forums, and company blogs, will provide some insight as to the integrity and experience of a particular management company.

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