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Hiring a Handyman for your Rental Property

Posted by sonrise on July 1, 2013
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In addition to being a smart business move, hiring a handyman for your rental property can be vital to saving your sanity and keeping your tenants happy. The trick is to find and hire the right person to match your repair and maintenance needs. Please don’t kid yourself; you will have repairs and property maintenance to handle on an ongoing basis and you probably won’t want to be stuck handling it yourself. A reliable, capable handyman should be like your right hand man; a person to turn to for support.

Hiring a Handyman for your Rental Property

So you’ve decided to hire a handyman but must decide who to hire and for what credentials and skills you’re seeking. The truth is that there is no standard definition of a handyman or his or her skill set. Some will be incapable of handling the broad range of your needs and some will be just the right fit. Many handymen gained their skills by working in the carpentry, roofing, tiling or construction trades and some still work there but look for handyman work in the “off-season.”
Follow these Guidelines for Hiring a Handyman
Identify your needs—While most handymen can handle a wide variety of small tasks well, not all will be capable of handling every job. Write a specific list of all the repair and maintenance needs you can foresee; this way you can be clear with potential prospects about your expectations and ask them if they are skilled in those areas.

Build a list of handymen prospects—One of the best ways to build a list of prospects is to request referrals from a trusted friend, relative or business associate. After that an internet search of a directory site like Angie’s list and a general search under “handyman” could also prove useful. Don’t forget to check a Yellow page directory in a book or online to finish building your prospect list.

Get references—It is vital to request and review references of anyone you consider hiring for the job. If the handyman has no references or seems reluctant to provide them, hire someone else.

Discuss thandymanhe ‘s experience and skill level—How long has he been working as a handyman and what sorts of tasks has he completed successfully for other employers? What does he feel are his greatest strengths and weaknesses? Be sure his strengths match up with your list of needs.

Ensure proper credentials and licensing—Review your state’s licensing requirements and credentials and be sure your handyman possesses them. Do not consider hiring a handyman “under the table” who does not possess these credentials; you will be held liable for mistakes he makes and it could cost you double to hire someone else to fix poor work.

What Will I Pay for Handy-work? How does the handyman price his work? Does he give FREE estimates? Charge by the hour or half hour? Be prepared to negotiate rates but understand that you are aiming to build a long-term relationship with a skilled worker so you should both be comfortable with the compensation rate.

Does the Handyman Have a Record of Customer Satisfaction? Always search the better business bureau and online for consumer complaints against the handyman. You should understand, however, that some complaints against a handyman could be unfair such as a grievance that the price was increased partway through a job when it was the client who requested an unforeseen change.

Bonus Tip– A handyman should have some sort of liability insurance coverage even for small jobs. Be sure to ask for proof of insurance.

If you look thoroughly, ask the right questions and treat the handyman as part of your team then you are most likely to have a successful working relationship. A handyman should be a true asset to your business and well worth the expense. Good luck on your search!

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