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Tenant Portal Tips for Property Managers

Posted by sonrise on April 10, 2017
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Professional property managers doing business in a digital business world needs an easy-to-use, reliable tenant portal that provides quick access to renters looking for rental agreement information and more. Making sure tenants can quickly and efficiently access signed documents, financial information, inspection dates and more saves time and money and puts the information renters need right at their fingertips. Below we offer tenant portal tips to help professional property managers understand and better use this property management tool.

Tenant Portal Tips for Property Managers

Shop around for the right tenant portal

There are lots of options for a professional property manager looking to find the right tenant portal for the rental properties they manage. Shopping around for the best deal with the right services can save you money and time best used for other things.

Implement a helpful tenant portal

Helpful tenant portals make life easier for both renters and property managers. They allow tenants to quickly find rental agreement information and even pay bills online and managers to quickly respond to and answer renter questions. They keep lines of communication open, maintain relationships with property tenants and build trust a property manager can use to keep good renters from leaving.

Using a tenant portal enhances customer service

For renters, outstanding customer service and a quick response to questions go together. He or she wants an answer to a question or a service request as soon as possible. A tenant portal gives a property manager a way of tracking and managing all tenant questions.

In this day and age, people want access to information quickly and easily. No one wants to wait around over the weekend for a document they could access themselves online. Providing instant access to information such as rental agreements enhances the customer experience.

Check the usability and reliability of each tenant portal

The property manager should conduct a test of the tenant portal to ensure it works as advertised. A hard to use or understand interface makes it frustrating for renters to quickly, efficiently find the information they need or for managers to track customer requests.

Look for a tenant portal that’s easy to read and test all aspects of the website to ensure it works.
Try the portal on laptops and other media to ensure it works as advertised for all users.
Check all information and services offered on tenant portal to ensure accuracy for renters.
Contact a property manager using tenant portal to obtain a professional review of the service provider.

Research new service providers on a regular basis

New service providers with interesting, helpful services for property managers looking to offer tenants a better experience are coming online every day. It is a good idea to continue to research new service providers at least every six to 12 months in order to ensure that you have the best deal and the tool with the most useful functions for your renters.

The tips offered here can help a professional property manager choose, implement and manage a tenant portal that will greatly benefit management services and the tenants they serve.

Son-Rise Property Management has been serving the property management needs of Bellingham and Whatcom County since 1996. Contact us today to see how we can help you find a rental property for your family or manage your rental properties.

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