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Top 5 Plants to Add some Green To Your Rental Property

Posted by sonrise on April 30, 2019
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If you live in rental apartment, there are limits to what you can do in terms of interior decorating and there may not be any access to outdoor spaces to grow plants. Fortunately, there are no limits when it comes to adding plants to your home and they are many advantages. Plants add color and life to any space. They also produce oxygen which improves air quality. You can also bring in herbs that are both beautiful and useful as they keep a supply of fresh herbs on hand. Below is a selection of some of the best plants that you bring into your home including any kind of rental property.

Top 5 plants to add some green to your rental property


Save some money and give yourself a fresh and abundant supply of herbs by planting your own on the balcony, front porch or even a sunny window. You can get started with herb kits that come with containers and seeds for different herbs. The best kits come with self-watering features and all you have to do is ensure that the mason jar is half-filled with water. Keep the jars on your kitchen window sill or another place where they will get enough sunlight.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is known as an effective natural remedy for skin issues. It soothes sunburns, cuts, and burns and helps reduce inflammation from breakouts. Aloe Vera may also protect breast cancer patients from damage caused by radiation therapy. It will therefore be great to have fresh Aloe Vera whenever you need it. All this plant needs is occasional watering and lots of bright, indirect light.

Florist’s chrysanthemum:

This plant is popular for the way it cleans the air. A Nasa Clean Air Study found that this indoor plant gets rid of air pollutants like ammonia, benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene. This is of great benefit to everyone but even more so to those who suffer with allergies. It is best to place this plant where it will get plenty of air and be away from humidity. However, those who have dogs and cats for pets need to be very careful and keep the plant out of their reach because it is toxic to them if ingested. Florist’s chrysanthemum is a small plant that is just 12 inches high and 35 inches wide and it comes in different colors. You will love the splash of color it will add to your home and how clean the air in your property will be.

Peace lily:

Like florist’s chrysanthemum, the peace lily has air-cleansing properties. This plant will thrive in the part of your property that has medium to low light. It should be planted in a container that has a foundation of rocks and water. They do well even if they are watered infrequently so they are low-maintenance. The plant makes lovely white flowers and jungle green leaves that add life and beauty wherever they are placed.

Bamboo palm:

A bamboo palm in your property will evoke a tropical paradise. Apart from sitting pretty in your space, this plant will eliminate formaldehyde, benzene, trichloethylene, xylene and toluene from the air. It needs just enough but not too much water which should be at room temperature.

Flamingo lily:

You’ll love the brightness and beauty of this bright pink flower wherever you place it in your property. It does best in soil that is semi-moist and it needs just a little sunlight. Therefore, it will thrive even if your apartment doesn’t get too much light. It also cleanses the air of toxins.

More beauty, more health:

Wherever they are placed on property, indoor plants add beauty and enhance health. Another great thing is that you can add them to your property in abundance including in a rental property.

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