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Top 5 Qualities of Successful HOA and Condo Associations

Posted by sonrise on June 11, 2014
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After years of dealing with accomplished and successful HOA and condo associations boards we believe it’s necessary for a board to have members with specific qualities and experiences in order to do the job right and get things done around the community. It takes knowledge and business skills to be a successful and productive condo association representing the people and residential home and apartment building owners.

A successful and productive condo association includes members with life and business experience and professional skills and knowledge critical to understanding the issues the board will deal with around the community. Below we talk about the five top qualities we believe a successful condo association needs in order to accomplish the goals of the community and people they represent and get the job done right.

Top 5 Qualities of Successful HOA and Condo Associations

The Desire to Spend the Time Necessary to Get the Job Done

An accomplished condo association needs members with the time and energy to dig into the issues and spend the time necessary to do the job efficiently and reliably. Condo association board members are volunteers who live and work in the community and understand the issues they’ll need to deal with in order to accomplish the goals of the association.

Volunteers need to attend all scheduled board meetings

Actively vote on all issues and get involved in all planned events
Obey all laws and land restrictions of the community
Make sure all financial commitments in the community are kept up to date. You don’t want to be seen as a member not in good standing around the community.

Represent the Condo Association and Community in a Selfless and Unbiased Manner

Volunteers need to represent the whole association and community they’re part of, not volunteer in order to take care of a personal item with another city resident or a neighbor
Volunteers shouldn’t join the condo association in order to achieve business goals or only improve their part of the city

Communicate Effectively and Reliably

Condo association board members need to communicate effectively and reliably with board members and community leaders in order to get the job done right
They also need to communicate with management companies in a professional and timely manner in order to accomplish goals of the board

Use Common Sense When Making Decisions that Affect the Community

A little bit of common sense when dealing with complicated issues being discussed by the condo association is needed. This requires the ability to look at the bigger picture and being willing to make changes to old rules and policies first implemented decades ago, which are no longer relevant or useful for accomplishing the goals and desires of the association.

A Condo Association Needs Members of Different Ages and Experiences to Add Balance to Discussions

A board needs both older and young members from around the community, which gives the condo association both an aggressive and conservative balance

Having an accountant and a professional contractor on the condo association board provides both financial and construction experience the board will need to understand and handle important issues

The five qualities discussed above we believe are essential in the make up of a successful and accomplished condo association board and its members. If you’re a residential home or apartment building owner with the qualities discussed above, you could have the skills, experience and knowledge required to improve things for all concerned around the community. Volunteering to become a member of a condo association board is a big responsibility and you could have what it takes to do a good job.

We manage many condo associations. Call us today to see how we can help: (360) 738-3700

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